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Premium Goddess Massage Voucher from the World's Facial Champion! - LINCOLN

Welcome this year like a Goddess You have inside 👑 

Experience the magic of a 14th-century goddess's massage combined with traditional Japanese techniques, renowned for their health and beauty benefits. Inspired by Japan's reputation for beautiful skin, we bring you a distinctive treatment that seamlessly blends rejuvenation with profound relaxation.

Duration: 90 minutes | Cellular-Level Treatment:

This exceptional Goddess Massage incorporates carefully curated ingredients such as ampoules with fish collagen peptides, liposomal hyaluronic acid, a lifting mask, along with thorough makeup removal and facial cleansing. I will restore your skin's natural balance using 99.8% natural ingredients.

The treatment involves:

  • Facial Cleansing
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Relaxing Lifting and Sulpting Massage from the World’s Champion Face Massage Expert
  • Lifting Mask
  • Japanese tea

Reveal your inner goddess with the transformative Goddess Massage. Secure your session today for a luxurious experience that goes beyond the traditional, bringing you beauty and tranquility in one divine package.

During this treatment, you will truly unwind, allowing your mind to find peace, and perhaps even drift into a moment of tranquility. This time is all about rejuvenation and renewal for you, a break from the demands of home and work.

ME TIME is a wonderful opportunity for self-care, a chance to appreciate yourself and momentarily slow down. Schedule your appointment at your convenience.


Voucher for a treatment in Lincoln costs 120£ and treatment in London 160£. 


Please book in advance 

TREATMENT TIME: please book your time at least 2 days before the procedure or let's arrange a convenient time together.

CANCELLATION: treatments have an exclusive dedicated time, so 48-hour cancellation is accepted via IG@eli_faceoclock or . We will find a convenient date for the procedure again.
If the time is shorter than 48 hours, we consider that the procedure took place without the possibility of using this voucher.
You should buy a new one.

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Premium Goddess Massage Voucher from the World&