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Shopify Payments

Refunds and unsuccessful payments,

Pricing of products and services, 

Product description and promotions

Changes in prices VAT, 

Custom duties and international delivery costs

Delivery and returns


Shopify Payments

We will not store or collect your payment card details.That information is provided

directly to our payment processor whose use of your personal information is

governed by their Privacy Policy. 

When you are purchasing from this site you agree to be billed either as a one-off

transaction, or recurring subscription, depending on the product you have purchased.

Each participant will receive an invoice for the training, however, it must be reported before the course or on the course day and the invoice details must be provided. The payment to the account is also a confirmation of participation.

Refunds and unsuccessful payments


If a payment is not successfully settled, due to expiration, insufficient funds, or

otherwise, and you do not provide the payment or cancel your account, we may:


  • Terminate our contract with you, or/and
  • Suspend your access to the service until you have obtained a valid payment
  • If an error is found, Elzbieta Sobon will inform you as soon as possible and offer you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price, or cancelling your order
  • If Elzbieta Sobon does not receive an order confirmation within 14 days of informing you of the error, the order will be cancelled automatically.
  • If your payment fails or your account is past due, we may collect fees owed using other collection mechanisms. This may include charging other payment methods on file with us or/and retaining collection agencies and legal counsel. We may also block your access to any of the services pending resolution of any amounts due by You to our company
  • The issuer of your payment method may charge you a foreign transaction fee or other charges. Please check with your payment service provider for details
  • If you want to enquire about a payment made on your account please contact:


Your purchase of a product or service or ticket to an event may or may not provide for any refund. Each specific product, service, course will have a specified return policy.


This Agreement will be binding upon and inure to the benefit of ES and our respective assigns, successors, heirs, and legal representatives.


Neither this Agreement nor any rights hereunder may be assigned without prior written consent of

If you purchase:


Lessons, certificate, course materials, products, retakes or any other optional course content from checkout page, members area or any other method, refunds cannot be provided without just cause, as defined by incorrect content or pricing;

and/or A subscription is continued for monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually or any other time duration of course access including purchases made Shopify Payment or any other method made available.


Refunds cannot be provided without just cause, as defined by incorrect pricing of content or any other circumstances set out in our T&C and Payment Policy.

For the avoidance of doubt optional digital content purchases in the form of course materials, certificates or hard copy diplomas are not included in the free trial.


The majority of products are in stock, however if due to stock shortage it appears to us that we are unlikely to be able to deliver the products within 5 working days of receipt of your order then we will either contact you within the said 5 working day period to agree a revised date for anticipated delivery of the products or re-credit any sum/s that have been paid by you or debited from your credit card for the products concerned. A confirmation email shall be sent confirming this refund.


If you cancel the order, or if the order is cancelled automatically due to the expiry of the14-day period, ES will refund or re-credit you for any sum that has been paid by you or debited from your credit/debit card for the products


Pricing of products and services, product description and promotions.


The description and price of the products listed on our website will be up to date at the time you place your order. The prices displayed on our website are the same regardless of the delivery country. 

The prices of the available lessons and courses we provide will be as quoted on the site at the time you submit your order. We take all the reasonable care to make sure that the prices of our courses are correct at the time when they are entered onto the system.

Prices of our courses may vary from time to time, but these changes will not affect any order you have already placed.


Our site offers a variety of courses and products. Despite our best efforts, some of the courses and/or other services on our website may not be correctly priced. If we find an error in the price of the course/-es and/or other services you have purchased, we will contact you with an option to continue the purchase at the correct price or cancel your order. If we are unable to contact you with the details you have provided during the order process, we will treat the order as cancelled and notify you.


Please note that if the pricing error is obvious and unmistakable and could have been reasonably considered by you as a mispricing, we do not have to provide the courses to you at the incorrect (lower) price.


Product descriptions on the ES website are provided by


Any promotions for a free gift are strictly available on a basis of 1 per customer /household. Free gift promotions are strictly subject to availability. ES reserve the right to send an alternative product of equivalent or greater value, should the advertised gift be unavailable for any reason (e.g.out of stock).

Promotion codes for a free gift cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or discount code, or on orders placed over the phone, only on orders placed online (unless stated otherwise). A free gift cannot be applied to any orders that do not enter the relevant code at checkout or on orders that were placed before the promotion started. Our free gift promotions are available on a basis of 1 free gift per customer, whilst said promotion is running. Any promotions where the gift is automatically added to your basket, are only available on a basis of 1 per customer / household.


Any customers deemed to be placing multiple orders in an attempt to receive more than 1 free gift will only be sent 1 gift in total.


ES are not affiliated with or part of any coupon or cashback websites, nor ever will be. Any feature of our brand and/or website on such websites is not approved by our company. ES reserve the right to refuse the use of unofficial discount codes or cashback promises. ES reserves the right to withdraw or amend a promotion at any time and without notice.


Course refunds

Please note we do not offer refunds for any of the courses provided. If you cannot attend a chosen/agreed date, you will have one opportunity to change the date of the course to a date that is within 3 months from the original course date. After that period you will not be entitled to the course and a new course will have to be purchased.


Changes in prices


Product descriptions and prices may change without notice.

We reserve the right to and may change our service plans and the price from time to time. Our company will communicate any price changes to you in advance.

We will post the changes to our website and will notify you through members user interface or any other reasonable means such as email notice sent to your email address specified in your account or otherwise.

Please make sure you read any of the price changes notifications carefully and if you have any questions please contact us at:


VAT, custom duties and international delivery costs


The price of courses or/and services or/and products includes VAT (where applicable)at the applicable current rate chargeable in the UK for the time being.

However, if the rate of VAT varies between the date of your order and the date of

delivery, we will adjust the VAT you pay, unless you have already paid for the courses in full before the change in VAT takes effect.


For deliveries to the United Kingdom & EU, the price includes VAT.

For deliveries to countries outside the EU (including the Channel Islands & Canary Islands), the total price remains the same, however VAT is not charged on these orders.


Customers are therefore not entitled to any VAT refunds.


Orders delivered to countries outside of the UK & EU may be subject to import duties and taxes (including VAT). ES has no control over these charges and these are the responsibility of the customer.


ES cannot predict what these charges will be, therefore we recommend contacting your local customs office for the latest charges before ordering.

Customs policies and practices vary widely from country to country.

ES cannot pay these charges on your behalf or refund any of these charges.

If as the customer, you do not agree to pay the customs duty, the parcel may be

returned to ES and the value refunded will be less the customs duty or cost of return from the courier (if charged) and less the cost that ES paid to dispatch the parcel.


If you would like to know more about the custom duty policy in the UK, please visit:


Please note that when shipping goods from outside the United Kingdom, cross border shipments may be subject to opening and inspection by customs authorities. In respect of all goods dispatched to you to an address outside of the United Kingdom, you are deemed to be the importer of the goods and must therefore comply with all the laws and regulations of the country into which the goods are being delivered.

If you have any further queries on customs charges, please email prior to placing your order.


Delivery and returns


Delivery of the courses: online via email – 1 day.


If you purchase the course online please note that there are no refunds.


If you have any queries on this, please email prior to placing your order. For full details on this please click here to read our terms and conditions.

Further Delivery Information:


Please ensure the delivery address provided at checkout is correct. We cannot be held responsible for failed deliveries whereby the address provided by the customer is not accurate. If a delivery fails due to a customer supplying an address incorrectly, we will not resend or refund the order until the original parcel has been returned to our premises.


The products you order will be delivered to the delivery address you give when you placed your order, however, if you are a new customer placing an order for the first time we reserve the right to post only to the billing address provided should this differ from the delivery address.