I make women look like a Million Dollars!

I provide ABT Accredited Manual Face Lifting courses.

My story

Hello ladies! My name is Eli Sobon and it is my pleasure to welcome you to my website.

I spent much of the past 25 years working at various international corporations, building what I construed to be a long-term career and prioritising financial stability.

The corporate lifestyle became a thing of my past, as I embraced my talent for bringing out the body’s natural rejuvenation through massage. 

Finding solution

Everyday I was surrounded by women striving to have goddess-like bodies and wrinkle-free faces.

Women who wanted to freeze time and stop the process of ageing.

I witnessed a ton of unsuccessful plastic surgeries and much too invasive medical procedures.

Watching these women quest ceaselessly after surgical answers to the ageing process deeply affected me;

I became convinced that my true vocational calling lay in helping these women realign their goals, and then achieve them via non-surgical means. 

Now, I offer ABT accredited courses, allowing you too to begin helping women to embrace the rejuvenation that emanates from within.

Learn with me

I invite You to a world of magic and sensuality where your own hands provide endless possibilities.

With my methods, not only will your clients forget about puffiness, chubby cheeks, wrinkles or face asymmetry, but you will introduce many health benefits to your client's everyday habits.

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