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Japanese Manual Facelift by Eli Sobon - individual course

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The World Winning Innovative Massage technique. 

This deeply relaxing, non-surgical massage is part of a new wave of holistic, wellness-oriented treatments that are sweeping across the UK.

For practitioners of surgical procedures, a Japanese Manual Facelift helps to attract a whole new rafter of clients, specifically those with an aversion to invasive needle-oriented procedures.

The holistic benefits of a Japanese Manual Facelift can either be an alternative - or an accompaniment - to surgical procedures. Either way, it’s the perfect addition to your repertoire of treatments!

Please read our Terms and Conditions and Payment Policy before buying a course.


Two days of intensive training (16 hours).

After 16 h in person training, you will have 21 days at home to self-practice the knowledge and skills I thought you. You may have more time if you confirm you are a slow learner.


Individual Course location is set individually.

Lincoln: student is trained at Face O'Clock Academy.

Other cities: student is trained at her/his location. Travel and accommodation costs of the tutor will be charged additionally (cost vary depending on the location)*

*excluding London


ABT Accreditation.

After 16 h in person training, you will have 21 days at home to self-practise the knowledge and skills I taught you. You may have more time if you confirm you are a slow learner.

After that time we meet for a Zoom consultation where I will check and grade your knowledge.

During this time you will need to send the tutor minimum 3 before and after photos of your performed massages, so the tutor can grade the results.

When you reach a satisfactory level you will receive an ABT Certificate.


– You receive a book how to perform "Face O’Clock ®   - Japanese Manual Facelift" as additional supporting materials.

– You receive a book how to perform "Face O’Clock ®   - Japanese Manual Facelift" as additional supporting materials.

– During the training, you will be treated to tea, coffee, water, fruit, cookies and nuts. Please let us know about your allergies beforehand. 

– Additional consultation after the Face o’clock Academy ® training.


Please note we do not offer refunds for any of the courses provided.

If you cannot attend a chosen/agreed date, you will have one opportunity to change the date of the course to a date that is within 3 months from the original course date. After that period you will not be entitled to the course and a new course will have to be purchased.

Japanese Manual Facelift by Eli Sobon - individual course

What makes Japanese Manual Facelift special?

A Japanese Manual Facelift consists of 5 core elements: 

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Relaxation of Muscular Tensions
  • Facelift
  • Acupressure

The benefits begin to show after just one treatment; the positive effects become more and more tangible as treatments become more frequently administered. 

The before and after effects of Japanese Manual Facelift massage


I wholeheartedly recommend training with Eli Sobon.  I was on a lifting Japanese massage course. Amazing atmosphere, very accessible knowledge both from the theoretical and practical side, and at the same time a pleasant atmosphere, helpful and engaged host ElI explaining everything step by step so even a beginner will be well prepared. Training script full of knowledge 🌸 I left satisfied and motivated. Today this is one of my clients' favorite treatments 🤩

I recommend training with Eli Sobon ❤️❤️❤️

Anna Kolasinska, Cosmetologist 

ElI’s Japanese Lift Massage course is an absolutely amazing experience. It's more than just learning, it's a journey into the mysteries of the face and the techniques to rejuvenate and refresh it.

What I particularly appreciated about this course was the huge amount of practice. Every minute was used to the maximum. There is no room for unnecessary content or repetition. Everything is focused on learning and improving skills. From the very beginning, I felt that the course was preparing me substantively at the highest level.

Eli not only imparts knowledge, but also shares her passion for Japanese massage. Her approach to teaching is extremely warm and friendly. She was always there to help, explain and inspire. I felt truly valued and supported in my learning.

During the course I learned not only about massage techniques but also about anatomy. It's a holistic approach to understanding why and what movements are important.

Immediately, after completing the training, I felt confident and ready to do massage myself. It's a whole new approach to helping my clients achieve a facelift. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to delve deeper into the secrets of Japanese massage. Eli is not only an excellent teacher, but also a kind and warm person with whom learning becomes a pleasure. It is a completely different perspective on the human face that has changed my approach to skin care and rejuvenation. Thank you Eli for this amazing adventure!

Gosia Kedzierska, Enderma Medispa

I can wholeheartedly recommend Eli’s amazing services. As a former aesthetic practitioner myself, I’ve always been looking for more alternative ways of looking after my skin and allow the natural ageing process to happen without unnecessary injectable procedures.

Eli’s facial treatments are not only deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, but also very effective. I have personally stopped using Botox & fillers 3 years ago, and thanks to Eli’s professional training I am now able to look after my skin with her massage methods, taping and also using her deeply conditioning & rejuvenating skincare line she recommends.

Eli’s wealth of knowledge of the entire facial anatomy, physiology and alternative ways of slow down the ageing process is absolutely priceless.

If I was to ever consider going back to aesthetics, her Japanese Facial Massage training would be the first one I’d invest in.

Joanna Choncer, Visibility Coach

I just competed my Japanese Facelift Massage with Eli Sobon. The massage and course is fantastic. I recommend it to every therapist, aesthetician, beautician or cosmetologist. It’s not only a course, the atmosphere here is fantastic, Eli presence very warm. She has lots of knowledge and shares it in a way that you understand everything easily. We practised a lot, which was also great. You just have to do it and see yourself! 

Magda Ramessur, Harmony Therapie